Reimagining Prom

Have you ever had what you considered the best idea ever? As soon as you thought of it, you realized how perfect it was and you considered yourself brilliant? You couldn’t stop thinking about it. You shared it with your friends, your co-workers, even random strangers in the grocery store, and they all agreed it was a great idea. And then something got in the way. Your idea popped like a cheap balloon before your party even started. Well, at Skaggs Foundation, that’s how we were feeling late this summer.

It’s hard to put into words how excited we were to finally be hosting our big annual bash again this year. This year’s event, Prom Take 2, was going to be our biggest and best event.

We couldn’t stop talking about it and loved every moment we spent planning the details. We had people who had never attended one of our events tell us they were coming. Our creative minds were on overdrive. After canceling Skaggs Bash in 2020 due to Covid-19, this was THE event to bring everyone back together.

Unfortunately, Covid had other plans.

This summer, as much as we wanted to have this pandemic in the past, cases spiked. Our co-workers put in countless hours of overtime in the hospital caring for patients and we’ve had numerous friends, family members and neighbors impacted by this terrible virus.

It became apparent to us as the summer went on that we had to do the right thing and cancel our in-person event.
We love hosting events almost as much as we love taking care of our community, but, in the end, it wasn’t safe to host a big party.
We truly hope you understand and will join us now for Prom Reimagined.

So, what is Prom Reimagined? Remember the excitement of rooting for your favorite Prom King and Queen candidates.

 Well, we’ve got an incredible line-up of Prom King and Queen candidates vying for your vote and you have two ways to show your love.

You can vote for your favorite candidate by making a donation to the foundation in honor of your candidate OR you can take your chances with our online auction. If you are a winning bidder, you can designate those dollars to your candidate (and of course, keep the fabulous item you won for yourself).

Our incredibly popular online auction returns Oct. 25-Nov. 1 and features very unique gift items just in time for your holiday shopping.

No matter how you plan to support your favorite candidate, all proceeds will go to support health and wellness programs in Stone and Taney counties – and isn’t that what really matters?

Check back regularly for more info, including awesome auction items.  

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