Scholarship Information

All Applicants:

Completed application and required documents must be received by:

  • Fall and Summer semester applications – March 14, 2022 by 4:30 p.m. (Must have current spring scholarship to receive a summer scholarship)
  • Spring semester application – November 1, 2021 by 4:30 p.m.

  • High school seniors (or earned equivalency).
  • Students currently enrolled in college.
  • Applicants advancing their healthcare profession
  • Preference given to eligible Cox Medical Center Branson employees with at least one-year history of satisfactory employment at CMCB
  • Scholarship awards are not a guarantee of continued current or future employment with CMCB, CoxHealth or their affiliates.
  • Have and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • Be a part or full time student
  • Be in good standing with their college/university
  • Maintain high moral character at all times
  • Demonstrate satisfactory progress towards the degree/program completion (returning applicants)

Please include the items listed below. If any items are missing or turned in past the deadline the application will be marked as incomplete.

  • Completed application
  • One-page essay (“Why are you interested in a healthcare career?”)
  • Current GPA – high school or college transcript

If no college transcript is available, proof of acceptance to an institution of higher learning must accompany the application packet along with the high school transcript. No screen shots are accepted.

  • School advisor or work supervisor’s signed letter of recommendation. School advisor or work supervisor must provide contact information on letter.

(Upon request – proof of US citizenship or permanent residency.)

Returning Student Application Requirements
Applicant must have been awarded the preceding fall or spring term. (Does not apply for summer term awards)

  • Completed application
  • Most recent transcript (GPA of 3.0 must be maintained)
  • All receipts from scholarship check

Q: I have received a scholarship from Skaggs Foundation in the past but did not apply for the most recent scholarship. Do I still need to complete the full application with the essay and recommendation letter?

A: If you miss two consecutive semesters then yes, we will need the full scholarship application from you. For example, if you received a scholarship in the spring but did not apply for the fall semester and then you apply again for the next spring semester, we will only need your application and most current transcript.

Q: I have a current scholarship from Skaggs Foundation and the deadline to turn in the receipts is due. I haven’t spent all of the funds. What do I do with the remaining funds?

A: Any unused funds from a current scholarship must be returned to Skaggs Foundation. Scholarship funds are awarded per semester and must be spent during that current semester. Please issue a check to Skaggs Foundation with “Scholarship funds” in the memo line. The check can be dropped off at the office or mailed to 101 Skaggs Rd. Ste. 404 Branson, MO 65616.

Q: I have a current scholarship and am not sure if I can use the funds on a specific item. How would I find out?

A: Scholarship funds can be used for tuition, books, room & board, school supplies including laptops and scrubs needed for classes. For additional questions on items email

Q: I plan on attending a college outside of Missouri and Arkansas. Do I still qualify for a scholarship?

A: Priority is given to students attending nursing or allied health science programs in the area include: College of the Ozarks, North Arkansas College, Cox College, Ozarks Technical Community College, Missouri State University, Western Governors University and Drury University. The Scholarship Committee may also approve other healthcare related programs at other accredited universities.

Q: My GPA has dropped from the last semester. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

A: Please utilize the notes section on the application explaining the circumstance. Did you take a more advanced class? Did you have a family situation that required your attention? These are important factors the committee will consider on a case by case basis.

Q: I attended high school/college years ago and am going back to school. I do not have access to my old transcript. How would I apply for a scholarship without one?

A: Please submit your acceptance letter to the institute you will be attending and utilize the notes section for any other important details.


Any student who receives a scholarship award must, upon graduation, submit an application for employment to Cox Medical Center Branson and if offered the position, must in good faith consider the offer of employment. Cox Medical Center Branson is an at-will employer and at no time should receipt of scholarship funds be construed as an employment contract.

Scholarships are available to students who have been accepted to or are enrolled in approved nursing or allied health science programs at one of the following area colleges and universities: College of the Ozarks, North Arkansas College, Cox College, Ozark Technical Community College, Missouri State University, Western Governors University, and Drury University. To meet community health care needs the Skaggs Foundation Scholarship Committee may also approve other healthcare related programs at other accredited universities. 

By clicking on the following link to apply for a Skaggs Foundation Scholarship, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand all the requirements listed above and on the previous Scholarship page. By accepting a scholarship from Skaggs Foundation, you grant Skaggs Foundation the right and permission to use and publish your name and release Skaggs Foundation from any and all liability from such use and publication and waive any right to compensation for the use of your name as it pertains to the scholarship.