Skaggs Foundation Funds Sensory Room at Elevate Branson

Branson Sensory Room

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Elevate Branson has one of the only sensory rooms in the area open to the public. The calming blue room is filled with an oversized Light Brite, an air waves machine that stands more than six feet tall, giant Kinetic sand tables, spinning boards, cabinets full of games and activities and much more. The sensory equipment was funded by a Skaggs Legacy Endowment grant from Skaggs Foundation.

“Spending time in the sensory room helps children improve their visual, auditory and tactical processing as well as fine and gross motor skills,” explained Elevate Branson’s Children’s Director Cathy Brown.

The sensory room provides children with special needs a sense of calmness and comfort where they can learn to self-regulate behavior and improve focus.

“We support a lot of kids who have endured trauma, have ADHD and autism,” Brown said.

While the sensory room provides a safe, calming space for children with special needs, all children can benefit from the room and enjoy the activities.

“The kids are very creative because these are things they don’t usually get to do at home,” Brown said.

Many of the children served at Elevate Branson reside in weekly-stay motels where space for play and toys is limited.

Throughout the summer, the room was open to the public on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. With school back in session, the room continues to stay busy with Elevate Branson hosting afterschool tutoring, services and classes.

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