First Line of Defense for Patients Being Discharged

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When a patient comes in to Cox Medical Center Branson for an outpatient procedure, such as a
new stint or pacemaker, many times they are discharged with new medications that requires
careful monitoring of their blood pressure and oxygen levels.

“What we observed is a gap in patient care”, shares Ryan Sigle, Cardiac Cath Lab Supervisor.
“Some patients can’t afford to purchase a home blood pressure cuff or pulse oximeter that
measures the oxygen saturation in their bodies.”

Skaggs Foundation was able to purchase blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters for the
Cardiac Cath Lab through the Employee Project Funding Grants.

Once a patient is home and if they start to feel unwell they know their first line of defense is to
check their blood pressure and oxygen levels, many times catching a small issue before it
becomes a big issue.

“Patients are grateful for something like this that impacts not just them but also their families. It
gives them peace of mind and ownership of their health,” said Sigle.

Every year Skaggs Foundation opens this grant application for employees to request projects
they see that can make a difference for patients and employees. Skaggs Foundation is proud to
partner with Cox Medical Center Branson and continue supporting this community and hospital.

Skaggs Foundation was established in 2002 as a primary funding source for Skaggs Regional
Medical Center. In 2013, when Skaggs hospital merged with CoxHealth, Skaggs Foundation
Board of Directors chose to retain the Skaggs name. Today, Skaggs Foundation continues to
invest in the health and wellness of the people in Stone and Taney counties. Learn more at

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